cDNA, ORF Cloning

Update to the latest version of ORFs in your research

Overexpression of genes and proteins is a valuable component of research in functional genomics, proteomics and systems biology. However, generation of expression-ready ORF clones often requires multi-step cloning processes, lengthy verification, and sequence analysis.

AVB cloning service provides a large variety of expression systems, promoters, fusion tags and selection markers. Researchers can request to either have their gene of interest cloned into a particular vector, or simply order from Hiragene’s collection of premade expression-ready ORF clones. All ORFs are fully sequence-verified and ready-for-expression.

Customized Cloning

ORFs can be cloned into any vector; commercial or your own

ORFs are compatible with a variety of expression systems and tags

Add up to 30-bp 5’ and 3’ flanking sequences