CRISPRi silences genes at the transcriptional level. One of the potential benefits is this technology may have fewer sequence-specific off-target effects than RNAi, and is applicable to both coding and noncoding genes. The drawback of this technology is that silencing requires delivery of both the dCas9-KRAB protein and an RNA. This technology may be complimentary to RNAi and CRISPR-Cas9 knockout approaches for studying long noncoding RNAs.10,11

Our custom service offers sgRNAs designed especially for CRISPRa applications, and can be applied to any human gene. Simply send us the accession number of the gene of interest, and we will design, clone and deliver this powerful technology right to your fingertips! Our custom sgRNAs can be purchased either individually, or as sets of three, and are available as pre-packaged lentiviruses.